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Hug Your Mate Day

What a lovely name for a day. A must celebration for anyone in love. Your Partner Morning April 28th is Hug. And clearly all the readers know what it indicates. Send ecards saturated in love messages if you are away with an offer to kiss them when you meet. Deliver an ecard rooted with kiss - which is hard, but not impossible. And if you are with your partner on 28th April, you know what to accomplish. In place of talking about hug, how about talking of partner? The dictionary defines as friend, chum, friend, pal lover and so on. In a nutshell, some one who is your real good friend. In accordance parlance, mate refers to a woman friend / boy friend with whom you are in love. Love and kisses clearly go together. A kiss seals the promise of love. But we were speaing frankly about partner, therefore let us carry on. Who do your mate called by you? Are you experiencing one? Did you've business advice one? How was your lifetime when you were together? How can be your life now, if you have a companion? Life is divine. Life is great. Life is lovely. Life is divine. Life is celestial. Life is marvelous. Life is pleasant. Life is delightful. Life is enchanting. One lives life when one is with one's lover. Am I correct? There's nothing greater in life than to have a partner for life with whom we can share anything - all that's good and all that's bad. Many a times, we find that those in love make an effort to cover certain terrible things from their mate. A person will discover it hard to share with his mate that he is facing money problems when he's wooing her. Is not it? Similarly women will always try to show their finest part. When we call a mate to someone, we mix each one of these limits that we have set for ourselves. We become one heart, one mind in two systems. Nothing is hidden from each other. All our joys, problems, pleasures and concerns, our horrors, our pleasures and our problems, we share all with your partner whom we love. Unless we can do that, our togetherness and love will soon be missing the fundamental joy that arrives of baring all. Please kiss your mate on April 28th and make sure that both of you become true partners for a lifetime with nothing left to full cover up. Until you do that, the kiss may miss the best love. All The Best.